5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Partner

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: May 28, 2019

First things first, have you ever been burned in the past by a web developer? It’s not uncommon to hear, or experience, horror stories about overseas web development companies or freelance developers who disappear mid-project. But, you can’t let these stereotypes stop you from improving your clients’ websites.

The key to finding any great partner is the interview process. If you properly vet out your potential allies, you will end up with a long-term partnership that increases your bottom line and makes you look good to your clients.

The 5 Questions You Should Be Asking a Web Developer

Short on time, hate conducting interviews, or just know that developers don’t like to talk about themselves? Stick with these 5 must-ask questions that will ensure you find the right fit for your web development needs.

How Will You Help Me Ensure This Project is a Success?

Bottom line is that whoever you choose to partner with has to understand your goals.

Success comes in a variety of forms, which can include:

    1. Hitting all major deadlines
    2. Finding opportunities to grow efficiencies
    3. Effective communication
    4. Getting buy-in from the client
    5. Clearly defined project scope

It’s imperative that whoever you choose to partner with understands your KPIs and works collaboratively with you to hit them.

Who Will Be Working on the Site? Who is on the Team?

Don’t fall for the old switcheroo! While you might get along with someone during the sales process, it’s very possible that won’t be the same person who is executing the work for your clients. Make sure you meet with the entire team upfront and that you feel confident in each person’s abilities. The key here is to make sure nothing is being outsourced or moved around without your approval.

Do You Have Examples of Similar Projects You Can Show Me?

Talk is cheap. Make sure you choose a web development partner that has a robust portfolio of projects that line up with what you are looking for. Be sure to browse their website for case studies, testimonials and a portfolio of past projects.

What Does Testing and Quality Assurance Look Like?

Testing is arguably the most important step in a web development project. And, this step can look different for every web dev company you meet with. Be sure you feel comfortable with what is outlined. The last thing you want to do is to have issues immediately after launch, causing your clients to doubt the entire project and your company.

Post-Launch, What Does Maintenance Look Like?

The launch is the critical first step. But, what happens next? It’s important that expectations are clear for the short-term and long-term growth stages of a site after it launches.

A website is one of your clients’ most important marketing and sales tools, so you need to make sure that whoever you partner with understands what is at stake. Trust your gut. Choose a partner that you feel confident will satisfy your clients and make you look good.

Remember, solidifying the right partnership with a web development company could lead to more business in your future. And that’s never a bad thing!

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