Where Does Content Fall in the Web Development Process?

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Aug 2, 2022

During the web development process, developers take many things into consideration to make sure a site performs well for search engines and visitors. One of these considerations is a website content strategy, which is typically something that is utilized throughout the entirety of the website’s life, but it starts at development. If you know the importance of content strategy during the web development process, you can help make your client’s process much more effective.

Why is a Website Content Strategy Important?

Content provides meaning for a website. A visitor gets much of the information they will use to decide whether it is worth pursuing a product or service further from the content on a website. Website content strategy is much more than just that, though.

Search engines utilize content as a large part of its optimization process and indexing websites to be found by searchers. Keywords, relevance, quality information, and many other factors come into play when a search engine crawls a website’s content. Without it, a website is useless, and a search engine can’t do a whole lot to find it.

Content tells a visitor why a company is the best choice for them—or at least a contender—and why the company’s story matters. Website content strategy includes copywriting, blogs full of educational information, videos, how-to videos and articles, guides, and any other helpful information you may want to put on your website.

Where Does Content Fall in the Web Development Process?

We often see clients push back content into the final stages of development, thinking designing and planning the structure of the website are the most important parts. The fact is, however, the website content strategy conversation should be one of the first conversations had—for multiple reasons.

Website Content Helps Build the Layout

When a developer knows what content will be going onto the website, they can better plan the structure, layout, pages, and overall website map. This also goes for planning out images and even giving a quote to determine what all will need to be covered to consider the website complete (and, dare we say, perfect).

Since content is the focal point of almost every section of the website, having those building blocks in place during the development process helps build the design wireframe and increases efficiency by not having to go back and forth with adding content and changing layout to fit it.

Website Content Strategy Adds Creativity

The better idea you have of what content you want on your website, the more creative designers can be. Knowing the content during the development process allows designers to make custom infographics, images, and themes that better fit the content you will be adding to the website.

Keyword Strategy and Content Are Linked

A crucial part of any optimization strategy is finding the right keywords. Since keywords play an important role in a content strategy, it can be helpful to do them both at once. This way you aren’t reworking content after you determine what keywords are the best fit for your optimization strategy. When you do both at once, the backend of your website and on-page SEO can be done along with the content and making sure it works in the overall SEO strategy.

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