5 Analytics Tools Your Clients Need on Their Website

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Jul 28, 2022

Having a website made for your business is a necessary step in online marketing. A website helps SEO, client engagement, clarity for potential clients, education, and so much more. However, if you don’t have the right analytics tools on your client’s website, it is difficult to determine what is working to drive traffic and keep visitors engaged. It also is impossible to know what is turning visitors away from your website without analytics.

Most Popular Analytics Tools for Your Client’s Website

We use a lot of different tools at Ignitro to determine the performance of a website. Analytics tools help us make adjustments based on performance because we are able to determine exactly where people are finding the website, where they are converting, what pages they are looking at, and even where they bounce from the site. Here is a list of the top analytics tools for your client’s website.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most well-known analytics platforms around the world. Over 30 million websites are using Google Analytics for tracking website data and converting it into actionable steps for improvement. Google has free and paid analytics tools available depending on the level of your client’s needs for their website.

Depending on the chosen plan, Analytics offers a large number of features, including data analysis, reporting, collection and management, integrations, and customization. It is important to note that what was once Google Analytics Universal is now converting into Google Analytics —and Universal will be entirely removed, along with all its data, in July of 2023, so you might as well just start ahead with Google Analytics 4.

Google’s analytics systems include machine learning to help measure conversions and transfer them to Smart Goals for easier action and planning of a marketing campaign. The platform makes reporting easy and customizable, but even more importantly, it gives the ability to determine where visitors are finding the site, what page they’re entering on, what pages they’re viewing, and even what browser and device type they’re using. 

2. Hotjar

An important piece of data is where visitors are bouncing from a site and where they’re engaging. Heat maps make this a feasible goal. Hotjar is fairly new but is a WordPress plugin that can help your client view visitor behavior and a variety of other feedback tools. Along with heatmaps, Hotjar provides visitor recordings to learn more about visitor experiences, conversion funnels to determine what point of the funnel is turning visitors away, and even incoming feedback.

The heatmaps are the most important part, in our opinion, because they give you a visual representation of where visitors click, what they look at the longest (like where on a blog they focus on the most), how far down the page they scroll, where they leave the site, and if they end up finding a means to contact you or disappearing and moving on.

3. Crazyegg

Another well-known tool, Crazyegg also helps you analyze visitor behavior but provides a different variety of tools than Hotjar. It can be helpful to utilize both together for your client’s site, even though both have heatmaps and scroll maps. Crazyegg also provides:

  • Snapshot recording to get further details on heatmap reporting
  • Session recordings so your clients can view visitors’ entire sessions
  • A/B testing of heatmaps 
  • Session recordings to better understand what copy, layout, media, and CTAs work better than others

While this isn’t a free solution, the monthly price is relatively inexpensive at just $24 a month for the basic plan, so it’s affordable for even the small business owners.

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