The Evolution of JavaScript: Why it Continues to Be a Top Choice for Developers

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Jul 24, 2019

Let’s start with a quick history. ALL THE WAY back in the 90s JavaScript was first invented by Brendan Eich, an employee of Netscape Communications Corporation. He developed the first prototype in just 10 days. Within the first several years, JavaScript went through name changes, a variety of iterations, and an uphill battle to get universal adoption.

Fast forward to 2019, and JavaScript is arguably one of the most important languages used today. The widespread adoption of the internet has taken JavaScript to places it was never originally intended for. How did this evolution happen? Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Evolution of JavaScript

Javascript is currently being used in more than 94% of websites. That means millions of web developers are using JavaScript for web application development. The ease of use and widespread adoption of this programming language is exactly why it continues to become more important to web developers.

Here are just a few of the reasons JavaScript continues to evolve and grow:

  • The Ubiquity of Web Browsers – Can you think of a time or place where you aren’t within one click of an internet browser? Nope. The web is available everywhere and this makes JavaScript more important and more commonplace. Plus, the widespread adoption ensures dynamic content gets displayed the way it was intended.
  • JavaScript Has More Applications – Thanks to innovations like Node.js and ReactJS, JavaScript is useful for both front and back end web development. By using cross-platform runtime engines to write server-side code, JavaScript has even more applications and increases efficiencies for web developers.
  • Browsers Improved Processing Speeds – Thanks to improvements in web browsers throughout the years, JavaScript is being processed even faster than ever. This makes it the most practical choice for web developers, because speed is everything.
  • Frameworks like jquery Reduce Learning Times – Frameworks like jquery make the learning curve much easier for web developers to master JavaScript. Plus, these frameworks make it easier to create highly professional and interactive web applications efficiently.

Why JavaScript is a Top Choice for Web Developers

By this point, the reasons web developers are choosing JavaScript should be pretty obvious. This programming language is the most popular in the world and is beneficial even for WordPress developers. With the use of JavaScript, you can enhance speed, performance, functionality, usability and add features to web applications with ease. This client-side programming language is a no-brainer for professionals.

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