How Web Design Can Improve eCommerce Shipping and Inventory Alerts

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: May 28, 2021

We’re all sick of talking about COVID-19. But the impact of the global pandemic is far-reaching and still impacting us today. Supply chains have been severely disrupted, putting your eCommerce clients at risk of disappointing their customers with late delivery times and lost shipments. So, what does all of this have to do with you as marketers? Everything.

Your clients need to pivot the way they offer shipping and inventory alerts to their customers. Transparency is the best policy during these unprecedented times, and that means more frequent texts, emails, and tracking abilities for customers.

5 Ways to Update Your eCommerce Shipping and Inventory Alerts

A skilled web developer can help you make some minor improvements on your eCommerce client websites that will give customers more control over their purchases and provide them with the confidence to shop.

  1. Improve the site design to make shipping and inventory information easily accessible. Create new pages that go over shipping policies, processes and add inventory counts to product pages. Anything you can do to keep the customer informed is going to help improve conversions for your clients.
  2. Using strategically placed pop-ups and slide-outs can help users get real-time updates the second they log into a site. These notifications could include shipping updates, inventory delays, or updated tracking information.
  3. Create a member account interface that allows customers to view recent orders, make cancellations, find shipping updates, and track products of interest back in stock.
  4. While many eCommerce companies have fought the idea of adding live chat to their sites, now is the time to convince them otherwise. People want instant access to information about products, orders, and inventory. Eliminate frustration and long contact form submissions by giving them the ability to get real-time answers.
  5. Improve the out-of-stock experience for customers interacting with the website. Allow customers to sign up for emails when the new inventory arrives, show them similar items in stock, and give them estimated arrival dates.

***Bonus: Make it mobile-friendly. We must have included this suggestion in a million blog posts by now. If your clients don’t have a mobile-friendly site, they don’t deserve to read the rest of our tips.

We have seen instances where clients are reluctant to make any changes to their shipping and inventory processes for fear of breaking a working system. With a quality web developer, minor improvements can go a long way in improving conversions, creating happy customers, and, more importantly, making repeat customers – even during a global pandemic.

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