Web Development Companies vs. Freelancers: Who Will You Hire?

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Mar 18, 2021

This is one of the biggest questions for your clients. Do they go with the trusted and reliable development company, or do they go with the budget-friendly freelancer?

Often, there’s no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to a matter of preference. But, we can help you explore the pros and cons of the development company vs. the freelance web developer, or as we like to think about it, the boy band vs. the solo artist.

Making a case for the Solo Artist (a.k.a. the Freelance Web Developer)

In general, working with a freelance web developer has its benefits. Freelancers, or solo artists, often work independently giving them the freedom to set their schedule, their rate and to focus their area of expertise. This is appealing to your clients because it can provide them with the following benefits:

  1. They have lower pricing because there are fewer resources to manage
  2. They have a one-on-one relationship with each and every client
  3. They are more flexible and open to negotiations on price and timeline
  4. They pivot more easily without changes in scope or pricing

One of the biggest benefits of working with a freelancer is that they can often feel like an extension of your existing employees because they work on such a personal level with clients.

However, just like all solo artists, they can sometimes be divas. Depending on the contractor your clients hire, they could bail if a better offer comes along or the project becomes too challenging. They also don’t always come with the same quality references and reviews as a larger scale development firm.

In general, we recommend using a freelance web developer for smaller, less important projects that are flexible on the timeline and don’t require a long-term commitment. This minimizes the risk to your clients and helps them get the most from their budget.

Making a Case for the Boy Band (a.k.a. The Web Development Company)

You know what they say, five heads are better than one. That is usually the case with any good web development company. By working with an agency, your clients get the benefit of a wide range of services. This means, while an agency might charge more than a freelancer, your clients are getting the benefit of working with one point of contact for every type of web dev project. This is especially important to your clients because it provides them with the following additional benefits:

  1. They get to know your brand and your digital portfolio by building long-term relationships
  2. They clearly define project scopes and timelines in a way that builds accountability
  3. They are legal entities, making them more stable than independent contractors
  4. They fix issues that arise even after a project is completed or even years into the future

One of the biggest reasons to choose a web development company is to ensure your clients have the help available when and how they need it.

We often recommend partnering with a web development agency for larger, long-term relationships. One-off projects can be easily managed by a freelancer, but when it comes to major projects, it’s best to choose a web development company that will support clients every step of the way.

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