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Why Does Responsive Web Design Cost More?

Unfortunately there is no one right answer for that question. It would be like asking your local car dealer; How much does a car cost? Well, how big of a car do you need? Do you want heated seats? moonroof? Just like web design, there is not one right answer, it all depends on the magnitude and features of your project. We can’t tell you how much extra it will cost but we can explain why it costs more.

Ignoring responsive coding can end up costing you more in the long run. Internet-connected devices continue to flourish. Internet-connected devices are changing the way we operate in our professional and personal lives. It is essential that your website functions and looks appealing on all internet enabled devices.

Well, why does it cost more? Simply, responsive web designs require additional coding, labor, expertise, and testing/QA time. As a responsive developer you are more aware of how the website looks on mobile or tablet devices versus just being concerned about the look and layout on a handful of web browsers.

Some elements such as contact forms may require multiple media query coding. Instead of designing and building one contact form on a traditional non responsive website, now we have to manipulate the contact form for all different devices. Often the contact form will need to be manipulated in order to have a more user friendly and appealing mobile contact form.

With the release of new devices, requires additional research and planning. In the past, we’ve had to plan our websites differently for newer devices such as tablets. Over the next few years, there will be a huge increase in internet ready devices. New display technologies such as OLEDs will surely change the way we code responsively.

Often additional JavaScript coding is required for the website functionality on mobile devices. Do you want your Navigation menu to load properly while being accessed by mobile devices? Just another example of how you will need additional coding to make your navigation menu appealing and functional on mobile devices.

It’s crucial  to determine if you need a responsive website in the early stages of design and development. Trying to make a traditional website responsive half way through your project can become a nightmare for developers. Skilled designers are able to create a responsive website that can lead to easier conversions.