Making Space for Creativity

As a graphic designer, creativity is essential to my job. I have to conjure up creative ideas at a moment’s notice. So how can one make creativity consistently happen when it seems it should only come through inspiration?

I will share a few ideas I have about making room for creativity so it can be conjured up when needed. These ideas only take a few minutes of the day. I practice them regularly and they help me keep the creativity flowing.

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Indispensable Tools For My Design Workflow

As Ignitro’s primary visual and UX designer, there are a few what I would deem as indispensable tools that I use on a regular basis to get our work done. I’m currently reviewing front end design tools like Froont, Webflow, Macaw and Pinegrow. Continue reading “Indispensable Tools For My Design Workflow”

Why you need to trust your designer

In your personal life, you visit a doctor when you are sick and a dentist when you’ve got problems with or need maintenance on your teeth. You typically trust the information they give you and accept the treatment they prescribe. After all, they went to school for their field and have years of experience dealing with problems similar to yours.

And what happens if you try to deal with the problems yourself? You aren’t a lawyer, an accountant, a doctor or a dentist. You may be able to get by with your situation, but not without a lot of pain and grief in some form.

So why is it that so many people think that they know better than the User Experience Designers that they’ve employed?

Imagine this scenario:

You’ve got a pain in your side. You’ve done research on the internet, but you aren’t sure if it’s appendicitis or some other kind of pain. You’ve got a couple of symptoms that indicate it could be appendicitis, but you aren’t sure — because you aren’t a doctor.

What do you do?
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Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails

Your email does not look good on mobile devices and tablets. Now that your website looks great on all mobile devices, shouldn’t your emails also look great on all mobile devices? You worked so hard making your site responsive, don’t fall short and send out non-responsive, hard to read emails. Continue reading “Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails”