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Looking forward to the iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad is one of my favorite design tools.

I use it for drawing, creating wireframes, sketching, emailing, and other things such as a second monitor using Duet Display and as a drawing interface for Photoshop and Illustrator using AstroPad.

When the rumors circulated that Apple was finally ready to bring a larger tablet to the market, it immediately piqued my interest. Although I love my iPad, one criticism I have is that I wish it were bigger. I need the space for drawing and the space as my second monitor (thanks Duet Display).

Speculation is that the iPad Pro will be 12.2 inches, over three inches larger than the current iPad. The Display size should be comparable to the 13″ MacBook Air screen. All the rumored specs are enough to make an Apple Fanboy drool.

Multitasking in iOS 9 will be helpful too, as you’ll be able to be on a video call and surf the web at the same time on your tablet, for example. And a stylus, too? I love my Pencil (by 53), but I’d welcome a more fine-tipped drawing tool to add to my arsenal.

I do a lot of drawing and painting on my iPad, and the larger format will make drawing more natural for me. Sometimes I rely on drawing on paper, then shooting a photo of it and either transferring it though one of Adobe’s iPad apps or into Illustrator to do an image trace. Drawing on the iPad will make that whole process easier.

It will also be interesting to see how some of the iPad Apps I use, like Paper (by 53), Bamboo Paper and Concepts by TopHatch will work on the larger format.

Apple is set to have an event on September 9 announcing the new iPhone and could announce the iPad Pro (or whatever they’re going to call it) at the same event.

Until then, I’ll have to use my iPad Air like a savage.