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Indispensable Tools For My Design Workflow

As Ignitro’s primary visual and UX designer, there are a few what I would deem as indispensable tools that I use on a regular basis to get our work done. I’m currently reviewing front end design tools like Froont, Webflow, Macaw and Pinegrow.




Astropad is an ipad app that turns your ipad into a drawing tablet for your desktop computer. I use this for illustrating intricate details in Photoshop in real time.

Pencil by 53



Pencil by 53 is one of the premiere styluses on the market. Its shape is that of a carpenter’s pencil, and it’s made out of real wood (I’ve got the walnut version). The double tips and bluetooth integration allow you to use the drawing tip for drawing and the eraser tip as an eraser while supporting palm rejection in supported apps.




On of my favorite drawing apps is Paper by 53. Paper allows me to draw boxes for containers and free draw elements that accompany them. I use this a lot for sketching layouts for my wireframe and exploratory design phases.




InVision allows you to create mockups with interactivity, so it’s great to show clients how your wireframes or mockups will flow, illustrating the user experience.




We use TeamWork as our project management service, and it’s really helped us to keep organized, track time and give our clients better insight into our web design and development process.

Duet Display



One of my favorite apps of the last year, Duet allows you to use your ipad as a second monitor when hooked up to your mac or PC. I use it primarily when I’m away from my desk and using my MacBook Air. When working in Photoshop, for example, I use it to house all of my palettes and panels, or my notes when I’m making updates to designs.