Managing Time as a Creative

Time management is a skill everyone should develop and varies for each person. The notion that creatives rely on random inspiration and fly by the seat of their pants is simply not true. To be efficient and effective as a creative you need to have a time management system in place. I have outlined a few principles in time management that will help you set up your own schedule for optimal performance.

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Nine things every salesperson needs to learn

While in college, I took a commission-based sales position and quickly learned about the thrill of the sale and what it took to be successful in any sales gig.

I am a quick study and selling comes naturally to me. Rising to the top in short order, I eventually led a crew of 20 sales associates.  There were some hard lessons learned along the way and sharing some of these with you might prove to be of value. So, here are some lessons learned, so far, in my sales career. Continue reading “Nine things every salesperson needs to learn”

Benefits of Adding a Custom Video to Your Site

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?

With the attention span of a web surfer hanging at an average of 8 seconds, it is crucial to quickly engage them with your content. The speed at which your message is communicated could very well be this deciding factor. Because of this, many companies today opt to include an “explainer video” on the main page of their website. This video quickly communicates the company brand to the consumer with clarity and precision. In addition, it is always best practice to show your audience what you can do instead of merely telling them or having them read about it. Any Hollywood scriptwriter would agree, minimize your dialogue and maximize your action. In the case of web design, your action is the rich content of your site! Don’t just tell people what you can do, show them.
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