Email is broken, and it’s all our fault

Prior to last weekend I had 7492 emails in my inbox. That is NOT an exaggeration. I “inbox zeroed” it. By the end of the following Monday, I had 187 messages. I suspect it is not a coincidence that 187 is the police code for murder, because I’m pretty convinced Gmail is trying to kill me.

I’m not the only one. Many of you are burnt out and suffering from email fatigue. I can think of dozens of startups over the last few years designed to tackle some of these problems. I have used and continue to use some of them. Sanebox, Mailstrom, Boomerang, etc. People are claiming Slack is the new email killer.

Google, provider of more email addresses than anyone in the world, has released “Inbox” as a new app layer designed to stand on top of Gmail to make it more manageable. We have reached the point where we need an app to manage an app. An App to manage an app? That’s getting dangerously close to turning my inbox into the plot of Inception, and that seems way too complicated for my brain to process several dozen times a day.
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Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails

Your email does not look good on mobile devices and tablets. Now that your website looks great on all mobile devices, shouldn’t your emails also look great on all mobile devices? You worked so hard making your site responsive, don’t fall short and send out non-responsive, hard to read emails. Continue reading “Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails”