The Top 3 Worst Excuses Preventing Your Clients from Investing in Web Development

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Aug 28, 2019

We make excuses for just about anything. Getting out of dinner with the in-laws, avoiding household responsibilities, and our personal favorite, getting out of potentially frustrating client calls. But what we find the most shocking, is when we see clients make excuses for avoiding web development work.

We know what you’re thinking, it can’t be true! But it is! Believe it or not, even when you have their best interests at heart, some of your clients will still come up with excuses to avoid investing in web development. As their partnering agency, it’s your responsibility to steer them in the right direction and not let their lame excuses prevent them from taking their business to the next level.

3 of the Worst Excuses We’ve Actually Heard

Since it’s your job to encourage your clients to make positive changes to their website that will increase their leads, traffic, and conversions, then you need to know exactly how to effectively negate any excuse they come up with. And let us tell you, we’ve heard them all.

  • It’s Not in the Budget, Gasp! – Is anything ever in the budget? Nope. Ultimately, most companies are looking to make a profit on any marketing dollars they spend. So, if you can confidently convince them that by investing in web development they will recoup their investment, then you should be able to get past the red tape of budget constraints. A better user experience almost always leads to better conversions. Losing a customer due to a bad first impression is sometimes hard to recover from. First impressions are everything, and odds are if they have a bad experience, they aren’t going to give you a second chance.
  • We Don’t Have the Time or Resources – How busy is your client really going to be if they lose all their customers to the competitors who made time for web development? The right developer will do the majority of the legwork, making the process reasonably painless for your client. Plus, a lot of the details including content and data entry can be outsourced for extremely reasonable prices.
  • We Already Have Enough Business – Ummm, excuse me?! Yes, you heard that right. We have actually heard clients say they aren’t interested in any web development projects because they have enough clients coming in. If that is the case, wow, your agency must be killing it for them. But, what you need your clients to understand is that web development is not just a conduit for new clients, it’s a tool for existing customers who your client is grateful for and wants to retain. A redesign is just as important for getting new customers as it is for keeping current ones happy and loyal.

A lot of times these excuses are all just hiding the real reason many of your clients don’t want to invest in web development projects. Fear of change. We admit change can be scary. But, in the digital landscape change isn’t just something you do for fun, it’s something you do for survival.

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