Web Development Trends for the Second Half of 2021

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Jul 8, 2021

Can you believe we are already six months into 2021? It could be because 2020 was the longest year of our lives, or it could be because we are making up for lost time, but this year is absolutely flying by at warp speed.

So, as you sit down and start to decide your team’s goals for Q3 and Q4, let us help you plan your web development projects by laying out some of the most important trends your agency should know about.

  1. Dark Mode UX
    Since Apple introduced it as part of its options for users, Dark Mode user experience is on the rise. Not only is dark mode easier on the user’s eyes even in dim lighting, but it also lessens battery consumption. Companies that aren’t adopting a dark mode option miss an opportunity to impress users by providing a consistent experience across all apps.
  2. Accessibility with Voice UI
    New guidelines have been released recently regarding Voice UI that companies should be aware of as they make their web development priority lists for the remainder of 2021. As voice recognition technology improves, the need for websites to be easily accessible using the technology is also increasing. From what we can see, it can only benefit your clients to be at the forefront of this trend. In 2021 alone, it is estimated that the global market for smart speakers will grow by nearly 21%.
  3. Mobile-First Development
    We can’t even believe we have to repeat this one, but if you aren’t already encouraging your clients to think of mobile-first, now is the time. Research continues to support the idea that users prefer a robust mobile experience when using the internet. 74% of customers said they would return to a website if it is mobile optimized. Not to mention, starting in May, Google’s Core Web Vitals were updated to consider mobile page experience as a ranking factor on search engines.
  4. AI-Powered Chatbots
    If you ever watched Westworld, we understand your hesitation to adopt AI-driven chatbots on your site. But, it’s been proven time and time again that these chatbots can actually save your clients money by assisting customers in real-time with simple questions. As more and more people shift their lives to a digital-first approach, they expect to have support 24/7 when issues arise.
  5. Increased Cybersecurity
    If COVID-19 taught you and your clients anything about their online business, it should be the importance of cybersecurity. Q1 of 2020 saw a 248% increase for DDoS attacks over 2019. Websites need more than just SSL certificates; they need complete firewalls and cybersecurity built-in.
  6. As your team starts to have game-planning conversations for your clients for the remainder of 2021, we encourage you to prioritize some web development projects. Why? Partly because we care about the success of your clients and partly because we are biased.

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