Our Top 5 Professional Tips for Choosing the Best Web Development Platform

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Sep 3, 2019

Just like shopping for shoes, shopping for a web development platform is not a one-size-fits-all experience. What works for your client’s competitors might not work for them and their unique needs. But, how do you decide on the best approach?

While there is no sure-fire way to be 100% sure you’re making the right decision for your clients, there are some ways to figure out their priorities and find a platform that they will be happy with for years to come. The goal is to make sure you choose a platform that will make their job easier and not more challenging. It seems simple enough, right?

5 Tips to Help Your Client Choose the Right Web Dev Platform

If only web development platforms were like dating apps. You could read a quick bio, make a gut decision and swipe right, give it a test drive and hope for the best. Unfortunately, investing in a web development platform is a major commitment. Your client is married to their choice for years to come. So, the pressure is on.

Try getting to the bottom of your client’s goals, hopes and current frustrations with these tips:

  1. Find Out Where They Want to Spend Their Budget
    It’s all about what your client feels is the priority. Are they looking for a “free” solution that will require a developer? Or, would they rather spend money on expensive software that is more turn-key and feature-driven? Figure out where your client will get the most value for their budget.
  2. Ask Exactly How They Plan to Use Their Website
    Does your client have a preference for HTML or CSS? Will they be constantly making updates and changes or will the site stay fairly static? It is a matter of figuring out how much time and effort the client is willing to invest. It comes down to choosing a more managed solution or a DIY option.
  3. Get an Understanding of How They Interact With Customers
    Every site has its own set of needs. If your client is running an eCommerce business, their needs will greatly differ from a client who is just looking for a simplified brochure website. Ask your clients about their needs. Will they have gated content? Will they need a portal login? Will they store customer data? Is security an issue? All of these questions will make it much easier to choose the right platform.
  4. Encourage Them to Talk to Others Who Have Used the Platform
    Don’t read articles. Don’t talk to developers. Don’t talk to the salesperson. Talk to real customers. If you have other clients using the same platform, find out if they would be willing to talk about the pros and cons. Tell them to be honest about how they use the platform as well as any limitations they found along the way.
  5. Discourage Them From Copying Their Competitors
    It can be tempting to just choose the same platform as a top competitor. But, what works for them might not work for your client. They need to make a decision that is best for them and their capabilities, which will never be exactly the same as any other company.

Ultimately, as an agency partner, you want to help your clients choose the best platform. But sometimes you might not even know what all the options are. That’s where we come in. Let us be a part of the process from the beginning and we can help make sure your clients find the right web development platform for their website.

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