The Top 3 Things WordPress Can Do That You Don’t Know About.

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Apr 27, 2020

Every agency loves WordPress and when clients are already using WordPress, life becomes a lot easier. But odds are, your clients aren’t even using it to its full capacity. And that’s where we come in.

As WordPress experts, we are the best developers you will find to help your clients take WordPress to the next level. We can make WordPress sing and dance and do things it was never meant to do. And we love every second of it.

What do we mean? Let us show you some of the majorly impressive ways your clients can get more out of WordPress with Ignitro:

  1. Create a Company Intranet
    Not everyone realizes it, but WordPress can be an excellent platform for building your company’s intranet or extranet. Developed pages can be password protected, include set permissions, and posts can be made by anyone within your organization. In comparison to a lot of Intranet options, it’s remarkably inexpensive and easy to use.
  2. Power Other Websites and Applications
    Did you know that WordPress has its own API for retrieving data? More and more, companies are finding value in using WordPress to manage content, and using that content on other websites, mobile applications, emails and more.
  3. Manage and Collaborate on Content Projects
    All content in WordPress can be stored in a preview mode using just a few simple clicks. As an alternative to saving and sending Word Docs around your organization in more versions than you can possibly count, you can store everything right in the primary source. WordPress allows you to manage edits, questions and comments directly in the platform. Plus, once you’re done making edits and everything is approved, it’s a simple push of a button to publish content to go live.

By design, WordPress is meant to be user-friendly. Out of the box it meets the demands of a wide range of users, while still being flexible enough to develop and modify layouts and applications as needed. Ecommerce, inventory management, powering mobile apps, REST API integrations, and more…it can all be done with WordPress.

While we fully understand there are thousands of available platforms to build websites on, we will always advocate the advantages of choosing WordPress. Not only is the open source nature of WordPress free, but it also is built for SEO and is just as secure as any other options on the market. We would challenge your clients to find a better solution that will be ideal for them now and grow with them well into the future.

And the best part is, we are the perfect partner to make WordPress do the backflips you need for your client’s business or organization. Learn more about our WordPress development services.

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