Should We Talk to Our Clients About Voice UI?

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Jul 23, 2021

Siri, Alexa, and Cortana all have a different meaning in 2021 than they did five years ago. These robotic assistants have changed the way people interact with their technology devices. In fact, Google has said 41% of people who own a voice-controlled speaker feel like talking to another person.

Voice user interface (VUI) has made it possible for users to interact with a device or an app exclusively through the use of voice commands. Why is this important? Many people complain of screen fatigue after spending long hours in front of laptops, computers, or mobile devices. Voice user interfaces make it possible for individuals to stay productive while also being able to step away from a screen and just use their voice.

So, what does all of this mean for you and your clients? A couple of things. First, it means that a new trend is emerging that your clients need to be aware is happening. One-third of all the US population already uses voice search features and as technology improves, this number will only continue to grow. It also means your clients have an opportunity to be at the forefront of this technology shift and start capturing this market before their competitors.

How to Use VUI to Your Clients’ Advantages

How can your clients start to use voice user interfaces in a way that makes sense for their brand? There are a few different types of VUIs for you and your clients to discuss:

  1. Voice – the primary trigger for both launching the VUI and providing input
  2. Haptic – pushing a button like a microphone or setting controls like turning a dial
  3. Motion – often wearable and fixed devices take action when a person enters the room or waves their hand
  4. Periodic – VUIs can be set to remind the user at specific times or when a goal is reached like desired
  5. Augmented Reality – Some car-based VUIs have also begun to incorporate augmented reality data like reminding users to shop for needed items when they drive near a preferred retailer.

As with any new technology, there are some drawbacks. Since VUI is still relatively new, there are some limitations on the types of commands it can understand and handle. It’s important to use it in a way that is intuitive to the user and will not add any frustrations to the experience. Since testing is difficult, you need to be creative about the way you implement VUI and use it to supplement the experience they are used to having with your clients’ brands.

So, what’s our professional opinion on VUIs? We thought you’d never ask. We are all about moving our clients forward to ensure they are serving their customers now and well into the future. While we don’t think VUIs are right for every client, we do think there are a variety of beneficial reasons to consider getting ahead of this trend and embracing this technology. As Google continues to put a focus on making websites user-friendly for individuals with disabilities, voice UI could be a beneficial tool for your clients to show they are putting in the effort to be inclusive and readily available.

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