One Minute With Joey Gross

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Jun 25, 2019

Joey Gross has been with Ignitro for almost two years now and has already made a name for himself. As a backend developer he’s had the chance to work on a variety of client projects and gain valuable experience that makes him an asset to our team and our clients’ teams.

What’s Your Educational Background?

I went through South Stark Career Academy for 2 years. I then moved on to Pittsburgh Technical College and graduated with an Associates degree in Computer Science in 2016. After schooling, I did consulting for a digital marketing agency for about a year and a half. Then I started working here and can truly say that I love what I do.

What Do You Love Most About Ignitro?

I love the flexibility and being challenged to learn new things. Everyday I am either learning a new skill or improving what I already know so I can do it better.

Without Playing Favorites, What is the Best Project You’ve Worked on at Ignitro?

My favorite project I’ve ever worked on at Ignitro would have to be for our client, EZ Storage. I did the location finder and map for their website. The project allowed me to learn a lot about Google Maps and how to use them on client websites. I also was able to build out the storage calculator for this client and enjoyed being challenged by something entirely different than what I usually work on.

If You Weren’t Working for Ignitro, Where Would You Be?

If I wasn’t working here, I would be working at another company doing Software Development or Backend Web Development. It’s my passion. There is also a good chance I wouldn’t be living in Ohio anymore.

What is Your Favorite Tool, Shortcut or Tip for Your Clients?

My go-to tool is stackoverflow. When I’m having an issue, it’s very likely someone else has had a similar issue and can help me solve the problem. It’s great to have support from a community of similar-minded individuals.

What is Your Favorite Blog, Podcast or YouTube Channel?

As of now, I would have to say my favorite podcast would be The Misfits Podcast. It is a group of influential YouTubers that got together to talk about their growth and success on YouTube as well as their experiences together.

What is Your Favorite Quote?

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.That is why it is called the PRESENT.” – Master Oogway

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