Front-End vs. Back-End vs. Full Stack Web Developers: What’s the Difference?

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Mar 19, 2020

If you think all web developers are created equally, you’d be very wrong. Just like snowflakes, every single developer is different and unique. But in general, developers typically fall into three different categories – or job types. And while this might be a fun fact you never knew, it can be important to understand when it comes to hiring a developer for your website or upcoming project.

Generally speaking, you have front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. So how do you know which one you need for your upcoming project? 

That’s simple.

    1. Front-End Developers (aka The Lead Singer) – These individuals focus mainly on the visual and interactive elements of a website or webpage. Think graphics, buttons, fonts, colors, spacing, and layout. They are typically visually and detail-oriented individuals. Their key skillset lives in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

    2. Back-End Developers (aka The Back-Up Vocals) – When you click that magical “button” on a site, the back-end developers are the ones who take over. They focus on logic and information flow for actions on a website. Think form processing, API integrations, storing and retrieving information, and accessing third party systems. Their key skillset lives in PHP/DotNet, logic, and thought processes. 

    3. Full Stack Developers (aka The Band Manager) – These talented individuals are the jack-of-all-trades and the masters of none. They have a working knowledge of all layers of web development. They are valuable utility players, as they can fill in anywhere they are needed. 

    How to Choose Your Next Designer

    Within the world of developers, there are countless titles and specialties that a person can have. Just because one person is well versed in Javascript doesn’t automatically make them an expert in HTML. One developer might lean more creative and artistic in nature, while another might stick to all the traditional rules and never waiver. So how are you supposed to decide on the right person for your project or your client’s project? 

    Interviews. If you plan to work with an agency (which we recommend), meet with the developers on their team, get references and ask lots of questions. Get a feel for who will work best with your team and who will most closely understand your overall brand and vision. Consider it speed dating for a developer. 

    At Ignitro, we do our best to pair our clients with the exact right developer for their specific project. We provide design, development, project management, QA, and strategy so you don’t have to. We will work with you and your clients to get the results your clients want and to empower you to do your job better.

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