Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Form Processing

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Mar 26, 2020

Traditionally, automated form processing is the conversion of hard data into electronic form. Through the use of complex algorithms and templates, hand-written or hard copy data is converted into an electronic format. But, like most things, forms processing has evolved since then. It now includes the creation of digital e-form solutions that can collect leads quickly, easily and accurately. 

So, why is form processing important to your clients? Form processing is designed to eliminate the need for large scale data entry and data collection. And that means valuable resources are freed up to focus on more important and more timely tasks, such as following up on incoming leads.

Think about it. Forms processing is the lifeblood of many businesses. E-forms can be downloaded and filled out online or off. Once re-submitted, forms can be put into a workflow that keeps your business moving efficiently. These e-forms are designed to improve accuracy, availability, and automation within your client’s businesses. Can you say confidently your clients are optimizing this workflow? 

At Ignitro, we build sites that drive leads and interactions, and a form fill is probably the most common interaction. When a site visitor fills out a form, we ensure one or more of the three following things happen:

    1. An Employee is Notified – The second a user submits a lead form on your website, a team member gets a notification in the form of a text message, email or desktop alert. This ensures potential leads are quickly funneled through the right channels, keeping them engaged and active.

    2. The Lead is Stored -Through backend web development, any lead form completions on a site get stored in a virtual database somewhere for tracking and retrieval purposes.

    3. The Lead is Sent to a Third Party -Depending on the nature of the business, this process can be simple or complex. Typically a lead is sent to a third-party system such as MailChimp or Salesforce. This is a critical step in the process.

    We offer our clients Formcure for form processing. This program is exclusive to our clients and is designed to be a full-service solution. It handles the notifications, emails, text messages, and databasing seamlessly, while also allowing your clients to deploy form processing almost instantly. 

    Can your clients benefit from improved forms processing? We’re guessing yes! Talk to us about how we can work with your agency to create efficiencies when it comes to lead generation.

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