An Actual Thing We Did: Ghurka Handmade Leather Goods

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Aug 5, 2020

We understand that web development can quickly become overwhelming. You are paying a lot of money to make updates to your site without truly knowing the impact it will have in terms of your ROI. To help ease some of that anxiety, the Ignitro team is sharing actual things we did. This means, we’re lifting up the curtain and letting you get a glimpse at some actual finished projects we’ve done for clients.

So, here’s “An Actual Thing We Did” for our client Ghurka. This high-end E-Commerce site is known for its luxury handmade leather bags and accessories. The platform is on Shopify and utilizes a custom theme for styling. With no brick and mortar locations, the client relies solely on their website to generate revenue.

The Thing We Did: Navigation Updates

For this web development project, Mason focused on updating the usability of the main site navigation. The changes were designed to impact both desktop and mobile experiences.

For the desktop version, he focused on tightening things up for the user, while still pointing to direct products within the header navigation. From the original, he condensed the child subcategories, while leaving the top level category prominent and leaving room for individual product images to be showcased.

On mobile, the update was much more subtle. The subcategories are still listed out as they were previously, but there is a new slider added to highlight the individual products from the desktop version.

Why We Did It: Improved User Experience

While the changes Mason made weren’t drastic, they completely change the way a user will interact with the Ghruka site moving forward. Not only does the simplified navigation make it easier to funnel through to subcategories, but it also allows users to click through directly to a product page without having to go through multiple steps.

Ultimately, when it comes to E-Commerce, the less clicks it takes to get to a product page, the better. And by making these simple changes, a user doesn’t have to go to a “Collections” page to navigate to a specific product. Plus, this styling allows Ghurka to highlight top products in a way that is very obvious to the end user.

In the coming months, we will be able to monitor the impact and see if the new navigation funnels users in a more direct way to a single product page.

What We Can Do For You

Every site, every project and every client is unique. But, when it comes to adding or editing features on a custom Shopify theme, we have you covered. It is our years of expertise with Shopify that allows us to help create better usability options through the installation of apps or extensions on your existing theme. Learn more about how we can improve your site. Contact Ignitro today.

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