3 Ways Your Client’s Website is Getting in the Way of Results and What You Can do About it

Author: Tom Cottrill | Date Posted: Dec 15, 2020

While the majority of your clients spent this year thinking in the short term, taking one day at a time, adapting, and reacting to change, they all know that is not a sustainable business model. 2021 is just on the horizon and it brings with it tremendous hope. Hope for growth, hope for stability, and more importantly, hope for a better outlook.

That means, your clients need to take a step back and start thinking bigger. What helped them survive 2020 won’t necessarily help them thrive in the future. And where does the biggest opportunity lie? Your client’s website.

We so often see that clients’ websites are being under-utilized and in some cases actually harming earning potential. If you can identify the ways in which your clients’ websites might be getting in the way of results and fix the issues, you will be a hero!

Top 3 Ways Client Websites Are Getting in the Way of Results

  1. The Website is too Difficult to Navigate
  2. Sounds obvious, right? If your client’s customers can’t find the information, products, or services they are after, they will bounce. And a high bounce rate is the biggest reason potential customers go to a competitor. Not to mention, the more often customers bounce from a website, the more likely Google is to consider it a poor source of information and move it down in SERPs.

    So, how do you fix it? Remove pop-ups, ads, and subscribe buttons. Make the homepage navigation clean and focused. Create as few clicks as possible for potential customers to get to the information they are seeking. Take time to optimize your site with relevant keywords and information that will encourage them to stay on your site until they complete a transaction or fill out a lead form.

  3. The Website Sucks on Mobile
  4. While you might not want to admit it, you know your client’s need to be optimized for mobile. It’s a sink or swim situation when it comes to a website. In fact, according to Kodakteam, 77% of mobile searches are done even when a desktop option is available. If there is friction in getting a task completed on a mobile device, the user will leave and never come back. In other words, if it’s too difficult to navigate a site on mobile, the conversion will never happen.

    Your clients must make immediate changes to improve their usability on mobile, regain that lost revenue, and look more favorably in the eyes of the almighty Google. Content should be reorganized in a way that makes sense for mobile consumption. Pop-ups should be disabled, sites must load quickly and navigation must be simplified.

  5. The Website Takes Too Long to Load
  6. According to Kodakteam , studies have shown that 40% of users will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Now more than ever, people are processing information at rapid speeds. Your client will be left in the dust if they can’t adapt to the fast-paced world around them. If too many pop-ups or ads cause a site to slow down or skip around, visitors will not have the patience to wait for things to properly load. They will bounce to a competitor in a heartbeat. Even a 1-second delay in loading time can cause a 7% loss in conversions. Let that sink in for your clients.

    Unfortunately, load time is a challenging battle for most websites. There’s a delicate balance of usability, functionality, and design that must happen. But at the end of the day, your client can have beautiful, high-resolution images that no one will see if a site takes too long to load. Start making improvements by increasing server storage, optimizing videos, compressing images, reducing redirects, and using a content distribution network. Ignitro can help your clients with a thorough site speed analysis and improvement plan.

    The funny thing is, none of these ideas are groundbreaking, but they are little things that have a big impact. When it comes to your clients you don’t always have to think outside the box to improve conversions or leads, you just need to make sure they have a solid groundwork in place to maximize traffic, reduce bounce rates and simplify the process from start to finish.

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