Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails

Your email does not look good on mobile devices and tablets. Now that your website looks great on all mobile devices, shouldn’t your emails also look great on all mobile devices? You worked so hard making your site responsive, don’t fall short and send out non-responsive, hard to read emails. Continue reading “Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails”

Why Does Responsive Web Design Cost More?

Unfortunately there is no one right answer for that question. It would be like asking your local car dealer; How much does a car cost? Well, how big of a car do you need? Do you want heated seats? moonroof? Just like web design, there is not one right answer, it all depends on the magnitude and features of your project. We can’t tell you how much extra it will cost but we can explain why it costs more.

Ignoring responsive coding can end up costing you more in the long run. Internet-connected devices continue to flourish. Internet-connected devices are changing the way we operate in our professional and personal lives. It is essential that your website functions and looks appealing on all internet enabled devices.

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