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10 UX mistakes that drive people away

Having a bad user experience is simply burning money, and will drive people away from your website.

Here are a few things to avoid to ensure your website is working for you:


1) Not Optimized For Mobile

Mobile website traffic is steadily increasing, and in some instances can be the primary way users view your website. Google and Bing’s algorithmic changes to prioritize mobile-friendly sites makes this a top priority for your company. Ask us how we can help.

2) Poor Site Navigation

Don’t make visitors think too hard. Users can’t navigate your site if the navigation is hard to understand or complex. Make sure it is easy to get to key information within a couple of clicks by having optimized site navigation.

3) Bad Site Structure

Not everything has to be broken into its own page. Make sure your content structure is well thought-out and easy for someone outside of your company to understand.

4) Too Many Ads

Ads are a great way to make money, but they shouldn’t be obtrusive or take up more space than the actual content of your website. Ads should be the last thing that load on your website. Limit the frequency of pop-up or takeover ads to minimize your visitor’s inconvenience.

5) Poor use of Audio or Video

What’s more aggravating to a website visitor than audio or video that plays automatically upon page load? Not much. While it may seem like a good idea to have ads that play automatically, giving your users a choice is the best way to ensure they don’t close your tab immediately.

6) Required Registration

Many sites use required registration to acquire user data for metrics or marketing purposes. While generating leads is important, you will fare far better by asking for contact information passively rather than hiding your content behind a registration wall. If your content is important enough to place behind a paywall, ESPN’s Insider method is a great way to go about enticing people to pay for your content.

7) Visually Unappealing

Ugly packaging can be the demise of many great products. Make sure your site looks as good as your product is. A dated look gives a bad impression to visitors who will correlate your tired website with a substandard product.

8) Asking For Too Much Information

Lead generation is often the purpose of many websites, but you don’t need to know everything about a visitor right off the bat. Progressive Disclosure is one method to coax users along a desired path, but oftentimes a name and email address are enough to get what you need.

9) Too Much Text / Poor Imagery

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but details are important. Resist the urge of being too verbose. Condense long pieces of content into necessary chunks. Break complex ideas into a list. Give users a method to contact you to get more information or clarity. Use photography that fits the content of the page.

10) Updated Too Infrequently

You shouldn’t go years or even several months without updating your website’s content. Fresh content gives your visitors a reason to come back and shows the search engines that your site is worth regularly indexing.

Take a good look at your website. Are you making any of these user experience mistakes? If so, we’d love to talk with you about how we can help you fix your problem and allow your website to work for you.