Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails
21 Jan 2015

Don’t Fall Short – The Explosion of Responsive Emails

So you finally updated your website to be responsive and it looks awesome on all devices. Great! Now it’s time to send out your promotional email to drive traffic to your website but, wait a minute…

21 Jan 2015

Your email does not look good on mobile devices and tablets. Now that your website looks great on all mobile devices, shouldn’t your emails also look great on all mobile devices? You worked so hard making your site responsive, don’t fall short and send out non-responsive, hard to read emails.

Email marketing has always been a effective startergy to keep your current and future customers updated with your latest news and products. Obviously with the soar of mobile devices and tablets, more and more individuals are reading their emails on mobile devices. While reading your emails on mobile devices, it’s important to give your subscribers:

  • Clear click-throughs
  • Legible text
  • Full width
  • Large Call-To-Action buttons
  • Placement of CTA in relation to text and image
  • Make the overall user experience better

Responsive emails are gaining momentum as we see the hospitality and travel industries move towards all responsive emails. In these markets, their customers are usually out and about and it makes sense that their emails are mobile friendly. Lately we’ve seen major retailers moving towards responsive emails in order to improve their conversion rates and online sales.

To justify the importance of sending out responsive emails, lets take a look at some interesting statistics.

  • According to Litmus, 51% of email opens occur on mobile devices
  • Mobile Users will surpass desktop users by the end of 2014
  • 75% of smartphone users delete emails they can’t read.
  • People look at their phone an average of 150 times per day.
  • 82% of smartphone users check and send emails with their devices.

Responsive emails can be tricky at times. Just because it looks good on your email service provider, doesn’t necessarily mean it looks good on all email service providers.  Before sending out your responsive email, be sure to do extensive testing and preview your emails using tools such as litmus.

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